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“A goal without a plan, is just a wish”.

Where are you now, and where do you want to be? We all have goals, dreams, and aspirations as to where we will be in the years to come. Unfortunately, these goals, dreams, and aspirations do not account for roadblocks we may come across. By roadblocks – we mean events that stop our income-producing engines from working, hurt our medical, physical, and mental health; events that just set us back.

Insurance helps us navigate past roadblocks if they occur, allowing us and our family to continue on track without getting completely derailed.


Default, Conservative, Moderate, Balanced, Balanced Moderate, Socially Responsible, Growth, Balanced Growth, Aggressive….. These are all KiwiSaver funds that your money could be in.

This is a priority

With inflation at an all-time high, Your KiwiSaver HAS to be working for you, and towards your end goal – your first home. Focus on maximizing your investment returns within your planned time frame to purchase. Remember, the more money in – the greater the return.

Where do you place your money and who with? – Let us help you along this road to accelerate your journey into your first home.

Debt optimisation and Asset Finance

Short-term debt such as personal loans, hire purchases and credit cards are a regular part of many people’s lives. Unfortunately, most people we come across are paying high-interest rates on unsecured debt in a variety of forms making it harder and it taking longer to pay off. Securing your debt against some form of asset allows you to bundle your debts into one easy repayment and securing an often much better interest rate. Saving you money immediately in repayments and helping pay down your debt sooner.

Or maybe you are looking at taking out a new loan and what to explore your options and nab a great rate

Either way, with the help of our industry partners we can help you with secured loans for whatever it is you are after. Have a chat with one of our team today to find out more.