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Getting into your first property can be stressful as you learn all the finance and legal terms that create a lot of confusion. We’ve been there, buying your first house can be a long drawn out nightmare. Our mission is to help you navigate the savings process and accelerate your pathway into home ownership. Our mission does not end there because we don’t only want you to get ahead financially through home ownership but we also want you to be protected from life’s unfortunate events.

If your journey unfolds anything like ours did then you’re in for a fun but wild ride. You don’t have to ride alone. You probably started by reaching out to your bank and quickly realised the value of using a mortgage adviser.

The help you’re asking for is how to buy your first home, but because the numbers don’t work right now, all you get is a “sorry, we can’t help you right now; but come back when you’re ready to buy”. You leave wondering what does ‘being ready to buy ‘ mean?’

With an already established and respected mortgage advisory firm helping thousands of kiwi’s in mortgagehq, we wanted to help more people find a solution and find the answer. One where financial education and an individually designed plan would help pave the way towards your first home – the fastest way possible. After all, a goal without a plan is only a dream.

WealthHQ is our offering to help people who want to buy a home but need a bit more time and help getting into that position much faster.

With the tools and help of Ali Al Bazzaz and Andy Turner, we are now able to accelerate this journey. The team have an incredible tool which will blow your mind. It breaks down the most important factors you need to uderstand if you want to get your own home quickly. You will learn more about debt, expenses, and understand how to manage your money better.

Our wealthhq money management system allows us to break down the steps for our prospective first home buyers and make the end goal obtainable. Our methods are designed to help you reach your goals faster whilst living today. Changing the structure of how you have your finances structured, to a more intelligent system, is going to help you pull yourself out of the renter’s dilemna sooner.

Unlike banks, and many advisers, as soon as you engage with us we are committed to helping you achieve your goals. We don’t believe in the word “No” instead it’s always a “Yes!”, whether that be yes you can buy a home in less than 12 months, or yes you can buy a home in 2 to 3 years, either way we will never turn people away, instead we work with them to get to the point of “Yes, you can buy now!”. We know how frustrating it is to be in the dark about the next steps so our process holds your hand until you’re ready to engage the mortgage adviser you choose with your deposit ready to go.

We are committed to providing the right tools and education to fast-track your first home property purchase. Action is the key that lets people down the most. If you’re ready to get the best head start and start building your financial freedom today – then lets do this.

At WealthHQ we support the MortgageHQ team and clients on their journeys to true financial freedom.

Our role is to educate and guide people safely through this lengthy and complicated process because financial freedom doesn’t always come easily.

When selecting your first home you have an opportunity to purchase with your future property investing in mind. Those who buy a home with an investor mindset are hugely advantaged when recycling equity into their first investment property. Check out the Mortgage Lifecycle on mortgagehq’s website for more information. 

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