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Kiwi First Home Buyers Love Us

And we love you, as specialists in financial advice and helping first home buyers getting in a home, we would love to talk to you.

Use our expert advice, tools, and unique process to get on the property ladder faster than you thought was possible. 

Who is wealthhq?

Getting into your first property can be stressful and seem impossible. We’ve been there. Our mission is to accelerate you into home ownership.

With the tools and help of Andy Turner (Director & Senior Adviser), and Ali Al Bazzaz (Shareholder & Senior Adviser) we have built a unique process that is seeing kiwis who had little hope –  actually get into their own home. After you get in touch we will start by calling you, from there we will likely book a video meeting with you.

The first step is to set you up with a mojo map. This will help us find opportunities for you to: save money, build your deposit faster, and clean up your account conduct so you will get approved easily. 

The second step is to take your mojo map and prepare you a personalised property plan with an exact date you will be able to purchase a house. 

From there we will keep in touch monthly to ensure you are on track, and to revise your plan if anything changes.

This is a free service.

Let us get you into your first home.

Submit this form, and a financial adviser will be in touch, to create you a personalised property plan, then hold your hand all the way through to settlement. Remember, this is a free service. 

Chat with us

Sometimes the best thing to do is just to get on a call with someone. You can ask us questions and assess for yourself if we are the help you’ve been looking for to finally get you into your first home. 

You’re also welcome to ask us about KiwiSaver contribution strategies, debt consolidation, KiwiSaver providers, mortgage advice, house purchasing, KiwiSaver fund types… or anything you can think of. 

Find Your Hidden Money

Past clients are so excited when we work with them to find money that has been slipping away, week after week, year after year.

An "iron will' is not required

The difference in motivation, excitement, and easy discipline between your home being 10 months or 10 years away can not be underestimated.

Scale Your Deposit Savings

Saving is difficult. Let's put your money to work for you while you're building a deposit.