Your Personal Property Plan

Unlocking your Growth

Once you’ve taken a look at your day-to-day expenses, put a lid on your black hole, and started storing money away in your security account, you’ll be well-positioned to save money towards your home deposit. But how much do you actually save each month? Where do you save? Are your savings growing at a good rate of return? And, how do you stop yourself from dipping in?

At wealthhq, the third key to unlocking first-time homeownership will be the difference between saving for 10 years or 10 months. We want you to be motivated towards buying your first home. The best way to do this is by setting realistic targets and sticking to your personal home-buying plan. But, we’re all human. It’s very easy for anyone to dip into savings, especially if the goal seems particularly far away. We believe any plan based only on an ‘iron will’ will fail. And, we don’t want anyone to fail on their journey to first-time homeownership. That’s why, to grow your savings and hit your goals on time, we recommend that you invest in Kiwisaver.

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The only true way to unlock your growth is for your money to work for you! You’re probably saying, ‘but, I don’t know anything about growing my money’, or ‘I don’t have Kiwisaver.’ Don’t worry. We’ve created something special to help you unlock your growth. The wealthhq Growth Planner is a free tool to help you identify the best options to suit your financial goals, along with realistic timeframes and expectations. Even if you don’t have Kiwisaver, it’s nothing to stress about. We’ll help!

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