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How To Beat the Rat Race In New Zealand

Blandon goes over the fundamental principles of wealth building and how mastering them can unlock financial freedom. Learn how to allocate your income smartly, prioritise investments, and achieve balance between present enjoyment and future prosperity.

After engaging with over 5,000 Kiwi families in the past 24 months...

A striking revelation emerged: while the desire for financial freedom is universal, actionable plans to achieve it are rare. Wealth isn’t just about the figures in your salary; it’s about how much of that you manage to hold onto. Have you ever noticed a friend or colleague who, despite evidently earning less, is always discussing their next property investment? Or perhaps you’ve dreamt of upgrading your home but balked at the potential rise in interest repayments?

It's not what you earn, it's what you keep

You’ve probably heard this story before or know someone who fits this description: A family that moved to New Zealand with less than $1,000, possessing minimal English skills and holding a low-paying job. Through relentless effort, they were not only able to buy their first home but also went on to acquire several more and escape the rat race. Their journey illuminates a crucial truth: advancing financially isn’t merely about earning more—it’s about the smart utilization and retention of your resources.

What Can We Learn?

Over 2 million copies sold. Drawing upon principles from the international best-selling finance guide, “The Barefoot Investor” and its income allocation strategies, our approach is grounded in proven methodologies that have stood the test of time.

In today's climate of soaring interest rates

Struggle is palpable: incomes are at an all-time high, yet the portion we keep seems to dwindle by the day. Costs of living and interest payments surge without a ceiling in sight, leaving many feeling financially stagnant while others seemingly prosper, expanding their property portfolios.

The options your family deserve

Imagine granting your family the financial liberty they deserve: more savings for vacations, coaches for their passion, the latest tech gadgets, and beyond. The key to preventing financial regression and unlocking your financial aspirations hinges on mastering this singular, transformative concept.

The Solution: Income Allocation Theory

In the vast sea of financial advice, the essence of true wealth management often gets lost. Drawing inspiration from “The Barefoot Investor,” we introduce a practical and transformative approach to personal finance: the 3-Bucket Strategy for Income Allocation. This method doesn’t merely suggest saving more; it revolutionises how you distribute your earnings to balance immediate satisfaction with long-term growth.

The Theory

Bucket One

Pay “Future” Me: (20%):
Investing in Your Long-Term Wealth

Allocate 20% of your income towards investments that promise future prosperity. This bucket isn’t about hoarding cash but growing it through. Consistently contributing to this bucket builds a financial foundation strong enough to support your family’s future ambitions.

  • Property Investments: Dive into real estate for rental income and value appreciation.
  • Managed Funds: Spread your investments across stocks, bonds, or other assets under expert management for optimal returns.

Bucket Two

Pay “the Now” Me (30%):
Fulfilling Immediate Desires

This bucket is designated for 30% of your income, focusing on what brings you happiness and satisfaction today. It’s essential for keeping you motivated and enjoying life without compromising your financial objectives. 

  • Vacations: Set aside money for that dream trip or quick getaways to rejuvenate.
  • Gadgets and Splurges: Budget for the latest tech or hobbies that enrich your life.
  • Personal Treats: Whether it’s enjoying fine dining, a spa day, or attending a concert, these pleasures make the grind worthwhile.

Bucket Three

Pay Everyone Else (50%):
Covering Essential Living Expenses

The final bucket accounts for 50% of your income, covering indispensable expenses that ensure your daily life proceeds without a hitch.

  • Housing: Whether it’s rent or mortgage, this ensures you have a secure living space.
  • Utilities and Groceries: Fundamental needs such as power, water, and food.
  • Insurance: Protects you and your assets against unforeseen circumstances.
  • Debt Repayment: Tackles debts to eventually free more of your income for future use.

Why It Works: The Power of the 3-Bucket Strategy (20/30/50)

The 3-Bucket Strategy shines by automating the essential principle of paying yourself first, ensuring a balance between current enjoyment and future security. This method minimizes overspending risks and fosters a well-rounded financial management strategy. By prioritizing your long-term wealth automatically, you gain control over your financial destiny, leading to both prosperity today and security tomorrow. It’s this straightforward yet effective approach that empowers you to confidently manage your finances for a healthier life.

Navigating the Challenge of 20/30/50

The journey to achieving a 20/30/50 split with the 3-Bucket Strategy is one of gradual adaptation, not instant change. Recognizing your current financial position is the crucial first step. Understanding that evolving towards the ideal allocation requires time, patience, and realistic goal-setting is fundamental. It’s about embracing the process, setting achievable milestones based on where you are today, and committing to steady, step-by-step financial habit improvements.

Most likely, your finances currently sit somewhere on the spectrum between “initiation” and the “ideal” allocation. By breaking down the journey into smaller, manageable milestones—for example, beginning with a 5/15/80 split, then advancing to 10/20/70, and continuing in this pattern—you make the overarching goal more attainable. This approach not only simplifies the process but also underscores the significance of patience and gradual progress in mastering your finances.

The 3 Steps to Get Started

Adopting a new financial strategy requires consistent, manageable effort, akin to embarking on a fitness journey. Starting requires as little as 15 minutes a week—enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee while taking the first steps to realign your financial health. Here’s how to get the momentum going:


Assess Where
You Are

Start by understanding your current financial split across the three categories: Pay Future Me, Pay Now Me, and Pay Everyone Else.


Set the Target with Milestones

Aim for an initial, more attainable goal such as a 5/10/85 split, then gradually adjust your targets to eventually reach the 20/30/50 ideal.


Change One Thing at a Time

Identify one area for improvement every two weeks. This could be substituting costly habits with more affordable alternatives.

Repeat these steps regularly, ideally every two weeks, to continuously refine your financial habits and move closer to your goals.

Accelerate Your Results

Don’t do it alone. Embarking on this financial journey doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor. Our resources are here to guide you every step of the way:

Use Our Quiz:

Find out your current allocation effortlessly, helping you pinpoint exactly where you stand today.

Leverage Our Planner:

With the insights from the quiz, our planner helps you determine how to distribute your income effectively across the three buckets.

By utilising these tools, you can simplify the process of adopting the 3-Bucket Strategy, making it easier to achieve your financial objectives without feeling overwhelmed.

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