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After graduating from the 24 days course the next step in your wealth building education pathway will be attending a masterclass. Choose The Right Masterclass for you.

Your journey to financial freedom will typically follow a path consisting of 3 Mortgage Lifecycle stages.

  • Stage 1: Reduction. How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 7 Years Without Increasing Your Repayment. Main goal: getting your home mortgage-free quickly, or building usable equity to recycle into an investment.
  • Stage 2: Expansion. Build Your First $80,000 Net Passive Income Through Property Investing Within 10 Yrs. Main goal: refine your strategy for recycling equity, repeat, repeat, repeat… (If this is you, choose the investor classes).
  • Stage 3: Optimisation. How To Infinitely Grow Your Property Portfolio Even If Your Banker Already Said “No”. Main goal: increase passive income, minimise time requirements, orchestrate big wins. (If this is you, choose the investor classes).