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First Home Specialists - Low Deposit - Low Rates


Still renting?

Still can't buy a puppy?

Still have kids who feel like guests in their own home?

Still waiting to plant fruit trees?

Still trying to cope alone?
It's past time for a change in approach.

Let us hold your hand, and keep you accountable, all the way into your first home.

Our clients avoid disappointment, crushed dreams, lonely struggles, and failure. How?

FIRSTLY – 100% realistic expectations. We will model exactly when you can buy your first home, and different ways to speed up that process – sometimes by years. You get a detailed roadmap explaining when and how to buy your first home. This includes house deposit saving models, spending breakdowns, and budgets.

SECONDLY – Actually buying a home. Setting goals and then not succeeding is demoralising, we don’t want that for you. Instead we will surround you with all the help required to get you approved and into your first home.

  • Tools to apply Income Allocation techniques.
  • Debt reduction help: refinancing, cheaper interest rates, smarter repayment strategies.
  • KiwiSaver review for short and long term goals.
  • Expert In-House Mortgage Broker who has been fully updated on your financial situation.

FINALLY – We aren’t in a rush.
How long is the programme? As long as it takes, sometimes just 2 months (see below). You see we aren’t like typical mortgage brokers that do some math and then break your heart 💔  

This programme will take you from where you are today, to where you need to be to get into your first home as fast as possible. We will hold your hand and keep you accountable.

“Our journey with Ali and the team at WealthHQ started with the goal of wanting to buy our first home and we had little to no idea of how to get there. We consider ourselves super lucky to have the opportunity to work with Ali.

He accommodated all of our strange times of availability and really helped clarify the what, how, and why in the plan he set out. Following his guidance, we nailed the milestones we set out with his guidance.

We are now (2 months later) in a position to work with the MortgageHQ side to buy our first home. We look forward to toasting with Ali once we’ve taken the photo next to the sold sign outside our new home.

Michael and Luciana

Who are wealthhq, and mortgagehq?

Getting into your first property can be stressful and seem impossible. We’ve been there. Our mission is to accelerate you into home ownership.

With the tools and help of Ali Al Bazzaz (Senior Adviser) and Mortgagehq (Sister Company), we have built a unique programme that is seeing kiwis who had little hope actually get into their own home. 

Thought you needed 20% Deposit?
Think again... think 5%

Buy now with just 5% deposit under the NZ Government backed 'First Home Owners Loan' Scheme...

Do you qualify? One of the first steps of our programme will be to look at low deposit options – some clients are blown away when we show them how they could actually buy a home right now. 

What is the First Home Loan Scheme?

“The First Home Loan is offered by banks, underwritten by Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities, and, designed for first home buyers who can afford to make regular repayments on a home loan, but have trouble saving for a large deposit.”

What are the ‘must knows’?

The maximum amount you can borrow with a First Home Loan no longer depends on the region you are buying in. The maximum loan will now be limited by your deposit Or more likely borrowing power

Income limits & Other T’s & C’s

To be eligible for a First Home Loan You can borrow up to 95% of property value – that means a deposit of only 5%. To be eligible you must have maximum total income of:

$95,000 for individuals without dependents,
$150,000 for individuals with dependents (from 1 June 2022), or
$150,000 for joint borrowers (two or more).
This type of loan is for owner occupied homes only.
This needs to be the only property you own.
This type of loan does not offer a revolving credit facility, overdraft or interest only options.
1% FHL Premium Fee Applies.
$250 Application Fee Applies.
House price caps no longer apply to First Home Loans from 1 June 2022.

Deposit / Genuine Savings

There is help available if you are having trouble saving your deposit. Unlike a regular loan your deposit does not have to be genuine savings! Your deposit can be gifted by a relative. You can team up with other borrowers to put together your deposit and purchase a home. You can also use two features offered by KiwiSaver – the KiwiSaver HomeStart grant and KiwiSaver first-home withdrawal.

Let us get you into your first home.

Submit this application form, and a financial adviser will be in touch, to create you a personalised property plan, then hold your hand all the way through to settlement. Remember, this is currently a free service


Everything is customised for you


Our expertise is FREE to first home buyers because the bank pays us! Banks pay us a commission because we are essentially doing all of the hard work for them.


Let’s put some things in action. We can walk you through the best way to get you into a home as FAST as possible. This will be the first step to your building wealth portfolio.


We believe if we help our clients with ‘the small things’… you’ll trust us for ‘the bigger things’ in time to come; like upgrading or buying another property or simply telling your friends and family all about us!

Let us get you into your first home.

Submit this application form, and a financial adviser will be in touch, to create you a personalised property plan, then hold your hand all the way through to settlement. Remember, this is currently a free service